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Questions? We have Answers.

Second-Look wallcoverings are now manufactured with pre-consumer recycled content. Wallcoverings continue to offer a minimum of 20% total recycled material.

Has the amount of recycled content in Second-Look changed? No, Second-Look wallcoverings have always contained a minimum of 20% recycled content. The only change is in how that material is being sourced. Wallcoverings previously contained recycled content that was split evenly between pre-consumer and post-consumer material. Now recycled content is comprised entirely of pre-consumer material.

Why is the recycled content used in Second-Look wallcoverings pre-consumer? The benefit this provides is complete visibility into the makeup and sustainability profile of the recycled material, which is difficult to achieve when recycling other manufacturers’ wallcoverings. Transparency is important as LSI and the A&D market move toward tools such as Environmental Product Declarations.

What is the difference between pre-consumer and post-industrial recycled material? Generally they mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. However, pre-consumer is the preferred term and the one that is used in the LEED and ISO 14021 environmental labeling standards. 

Does Second-Look support LEED? Yes, all Second-Look wallcoverings support LEED v4 under criteria for Low Emitting Materials, and Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing of Raw Materials for its recycled content. The Second-Look reclamation program supports Construction and Demolition Waste Management. 

How do I get started with reclamation and retrieval of my old wallcovering? Just fill out this form and email it to Second-Look to get started.

What kind of wallcovering can be recycled? 
Second-Look recycles most fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings. Woven Osnaburg backing or scrim is preferable. Non-woven backed wallcovering CANNOT be recycled.

Does a customer have to order new wallcovering in order to use Second-Look's reclamation program?
 Yes. And Second-Look may cover freight costs for the reclaimed wallcovering when an order is placed for new wallcovering.

What happens to the material when it’s reclaimed?
 Material may be closed-loop processed back into new wallcoverings or used for other products. 

Where and how is the material returned to Second-Look?
 Second-Look will coordinate shipment of our containers to and from the job site with a responsible party such as a contractor, GC, or project manager.

Will you accept residual drywall and adhesive on the material?
 Yes, we’ll accept material with small pieces of drywall and dry adhesive.

Can trim scrap be included? 
Yes, trim scrap is acceptable if dry.  No wallcovering with wet adhesive is acceptable.

What can be included in the recycling containers? 
Only wallcovering can be included. No trash, nails, razor blades or wallcovering that has been painted can be accepted.  Wallcovering that is wet with adhesive, mold or mildew is also not acceptable. If containers include these contaminated materials, freight charges and costs to properly dispose of them will be billed back to the responsible party.

Is Second-Look wallcovering with post-consumer material available on a custom basis
? If you need to incorporate post-consumer material, please contact Second-Look or your distributor. We will do our best to accommodate a custom order.